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  • Home - Looking for Pest Control near you? Critter Getters offers Mosquito, Bed Bug & Termite Control, Crawlspace Encapsulation & Repair and Wildlife Control.
  • About Us - Centrally located in Salisbury, MD servicing Sussex, Worchester, Wicomico, and Dorchester counties. For information regarding our services or other questions, contact us at 410-742-7200 or email
    • Testimonials - Read what others are saying with Reviews & Testimonials Critter Getters located in Fruitland Maryland. Call today for a quote.
    • The Bug Blog - Keep up with the season's bugs, pests and wildlife that can create issues for your home, family or business. Have questions? Call us at 866-742-7200.
    • Contact Us - Find Pest Control for Bed Bugs, Termites, Cockroaches, and more with Critter Getters servicing the Wicomico Maryland Area near you for quality service.
  • Residential - Your home is most likely your greatest investment. Let Critter Getters help to protect your home for the long term. Call today for quotes.
  • Commercial - We will design a strategy to minimize call backs and make the most out of your time and money. Quotes call 410-742-7200 or
  • Services - Critter Getters offer many services to help keep your residential or commercial property free of pests and unwanted insects.
    • Termite Control
    • Pest Control - At Critter Getters, we suit your needs, however, our typical recommendation would be to consider a monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly service plan.
    • Moisture Control - Excess moisture in your crawl space can be a breeding ground for termites and pests, wood rot, mold and create a poor air quality in your home.
    • Lawn Maintenance - A typical treatment plan for lawn maintenance includes at least six services and is priced based on the size and makeup of the lawn.
    • Wildlife Control - We can inspect for the invading critter, but also for any entry/exit points and damages that need to be repaired and clean up and disinfect the area.
    • Bedbugs
    • Snow Removal - We can to keep your parking lots cleared and your customers and employees safe. Call Critter Getters today for a free quote on your snow removal needs.
  • Pest Info - Critter Getters knows pests that can be a burden to your home or commercial property. Let us set you up with a service plan for your property.
    • Ants - Ant colonies can number up to 500,000 and the queen can live up to 15 years, but you don’t have to try and tackle these pests on your own. Call us!
    • Cockroaches - Cockroaches emit an unpleasant odor, can aggravate allergies, and can even carry diseases. Early detection and treatment is key.
    • Fleas/Ticks - Critter Getters professional treatments will rid your home, business, and lawn of fleas and ticks in two easy treatments.
    • Rodents - Mice typically enter our homes between October and February, looking for food, water and shelter from the cold.
    • Spiders - Critter Getters is your answer for spider control at your home or business! We have several options to suit your needs, and keep you pest free!
    • Stinging Pests - Critter Getters will kill the stinging pests and remove the nest in one treatment. For the most effective elimination, leave this to the experts.
    • Termites - If you are worried that termites may have invaded your home, give Critter Getters a call! We provide a thorough inspection and options for control.
    • Mosquitos - Mosquitoes are perhaps one of our most annoying pests on Delmarva. Because we are surrounded by so much water. Let us treat your area.
    • House Mice - Mice can carry many diseases such as Salmonella and tapeworms… you don’t want to find them munching on food in your kitchen!
    • Norway Rat - Norway rats have also been found to carry several diseases as well, including rat-bite fever, cowpox, and jaundice.
    • German Cockroaches - Cockroach allergens can aggravate allergies and asthma symptoms, especially in children. Make sure your home is safe for your family.
    • Brown Recluse Spiders - Brown recluse venom can cause severe allergic reactions and requires medical attention. Call Critter Getters Pest Control to make sure you are safe.
    • Raccoons - Raccoons are typically found in the eastern United States, mostly in wooded areas. Raccoons are a common carrier for rabies in the United States.
    • Stink Bugs - Stink bugs do not harm or transmit diseases to humans or pets. However as their name implies, stink bugs can cause a terrible odor in your home.
    • Silverfish - Silverfish are the most active at night, so you may not notice an infestation until you find property damage to your home.
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