Spring Lawn Maintenance

With March around the corner are you already planning for your spring lawn maintenance? Does it always feel like no matter how hard you try, your neighbor’s grass really is always greener than yours?

This year, don’t worry about the “Johnson’s” or the “Smith’s” yard! With Critter Getter services and lawn maintenance, soon everyone will be asking YOU how to get their yard to be as nice as yours.

Tree Care

Take a close look at your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. Are they lacking the lively appearance they used to have? Call on one of our certified technicians at Critter Getters to get to the root of the problem. Then, we’ll find the right treetment to get that foliage back to its luscious self!

Lawn Care

Don’t just mow your lawn and call it a day! Lawn care can be time-consuming and require several different treatments to maintain the specifics of your grass. But don’t let that soil your plans! At Critter Getters, we can put together the perfect plan(t) to keep your grass the greenest on the block. Services would include full soil analysis, fertilization, weed and insect control; anything we can do to keep your lawn looking green and lush all season long.

Mole Control

Sometimes moles can go undetected due to their nocturnal digging. With Critter Getters, we make sure to identify, treat, and follow up in a three-step process to ensure an intact lawn.

Mosquito Control

There’s nothing worse than having a nice day outside ruined by swarms of mosquitoes. Sometimes those bloody pests never seem to let up. Critter Getters can help with mosquito spraying services, as well as environmental remediation to reduce nearby breeding areas.

What are you waiting for? Don’t hesitate to bug us this spring for all of your lawn maintenance needs. Critter Getters custom lawn evaluations and service packages will take the load off your back and make your neighbors green with envy!

Contact Critter Getters today for lawn maintenance and your spring pest control needs.

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