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With 20+ years of business experience, we offer a variety of comprehensive services. These services are aimed at protecting your investment. We customize our services to the unique requirements of our customers’ needs to remedy their concerns. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive long-term solution.

Seasonal Pests

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Don't let pests prevent you from enjoying life!

“20 years of dealing with rentals will give you a great appreciation of companies that actually do their jobs. Critter Getters is the only company to provided our tenants with control solutions the... Read More
Thomas Fruitland Rentals
“We freaked out when we found out we had been exposed to bed bugs in our house! A friend from church recommended we call Critter Getters and I’m so glad we did! They came out quickly, flashlights i... Read More
Stacey Habig
“When I called Critter Getters last year I was very impressed with the speed of response. The gentleman that visited my property was knowledgeable about how to handle the ground hog that had burrow... Read More
Morgan Hazel
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Spring Lawn Maintenance
Spring Lawn Maintenance

With March around the corner are you already planning for your spring lawn maintenance? Does it always feel like no matter how hard you try, your neighbor’s grass really is always greener than yours?

This year, don’t worry about the “Johnson’s” or the “Smith’s” yard! With Critter Getter services and lawn maintenance, soon everyone will be asking YOU how to get their yard to be as nice as yours.

Tree Care

Take a close look at your trees, shrubs, and ornamentals. Are they lacking the lively appearance they used to have? Call on one of our certified technicians at Critter Getters to get to the root of the problem. Then, we’ll find the right treetmen...

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