Don't be the One Left to Say Should've Called Critter Getters
Don't be the One Left to Say Should've Called Critter Getters



“20 years of dealing with rentals will give you a great appreciation of companies that actually do their jobs. Critter Getters is the only company to provided our tenants with control solutions they actually liked, and thought worked. If you have one call to make, Call Critter Getters.”

–Thomas  Fruitland Rentals

“We freaked out when we found out we had been exposed to bed bugs in our house!
A friend from church recommended we call Critter Getters and I’m so glad we did!
They came out quickly, flashlights in hand, and did a very thorough inspection of
our home, including the furniture, cushions, curtains, wall sockets, etc.
They used heat, rather than massive amounts of poisonous chemicals, to treat our
home. We have five cats and were glad not to have to worry about them getting hurt
when we returned home.

This was so much easier than the usual way of dealing with bed bugs. I thought we
were facing a nightmarish situation, but the nice people at Critter Getters took
care of everything and left us feeling safe and pest-free in our home.”

–Stacey Habig

“When I called Critter Getters last year I was very impressed with the speed of
response. The gentleman that visited my property was knowledgeable about how to
handle the ground hog that had burrowed next to the house. Traps were set and
within a few days the “family” of ground hogs were captured and released in a humane
fashion. Well done Critter Getters!”

-Morgan Hazel