Termite Control

Termites are not something to mess around with! We offer three methods of termite control. Let Critter Getters put our 20 years of experience and knowledge to work as we investigate, identify, and prepare an effective treatment plan. From a Termite Baiting System to Liquid Termiticide application to Boride Treatment or a combination of these, Critter Getters has a Treatment to best fit your needs.

If you are interested in termite control, our expert technicians will work with you to develop a plan that will eliminate your termite issue.

Liquid Termite Treatment

This is the style of treatment most are familiar with. Liquid Barrier Treatments are designed to create a barrier around the foundation of your property, killing termites as they try to attack your home. Whether using a great product such as Termidor HE™ with its dual mode of action or more of a Green Treatment with Altriset™ Termiticide which affects termites biological abilities, Critter Getters brings 20 years of Field experience to assist you in the correct choice for your specific situation.

Termite Baiting System

This is a revolutionary method of termite control. It uses a termite’s natural life cycle and biological functions against itself. By introducing a slow-acting biological function restrictor, stopping the natural biological function, Critter Getters can eliminate the Termite Colony at the source. Most importantly, this is done in an environmentally friendly way.

Preconstruction Treatments

When it comes to building your dream home, one of the easiest things to overlook is the importance of a Pre-Construction Termite Treatment. Don’t cut the cost to try and use the cheapest thing available. Use the best product available! Let Critter Getters Pest Control put our 20 years of Quality Pro Certified Services to work. Choose Pre-Treatment with Termidor with our 10 year Warrantee or our Borid Treatments that carry a 30 year warrantee! We’ll work together with you and your contractor to provide the best quality pest control treatment possible. We use the best materials to provide the longest protection.

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