Moisture Control

Excess moisture or standing water in your crawl space can become a breeding ground, not only for termites and other pests, but also wood rot, fungus, mold and mildew. This creates a poor air quality throughout your home, which, in extreme cases, can be very dangerous.

Moisture in your crawl space can also be costing you money! It is much less energy efficient to heat or cool a humid home. Keeping your crawl space dry can save you up to 20% on your energy costs.

  • Moisture Control Services.
  • Crawl space encapsulations.
  • Crawl space clean out.
  • Crawl space sump pump & drain system installation.
  • Crawl space vapor barriers & vent sealing.
  • Insulation removal & installation.
  • Bora Foam board installation (Insulation chemically treated for termite prevention).
  • Dehumidifier installation & maintenance service.
  • Block foundation waterproofing.
  • Basement waterproof sealing.
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