Ant control can be very difficult, as every situation is unique and every ant colony has its own agenda. This is one of the most common household pests, and we see a lot of people try to get rid of ants on their own. However, do-it-yourself remedies are ineffective and can even exacerbate the issue. Most of these remedies will only kill the ants you see.

Ants are smart. If members of their colony are killed in one area, they will simply avoid that area and enter your home in a different place. Our treatment is able to muddy the trail. The ants will carry the chemical we use back to their nest, so that the root cause cannot be identified. This is the best way to eliminate the colony.

Ant colonies can number up to 500,000 and the queen can live up to 15 years, but you don’t have to try and tackle these pests on your own. We have found the greatest success against ants through our quarterly pest controls services. Regular services will keep your home ant free. Let Critter Getters partner with you to rid your home of ants.

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